Daily U Remedy

 Every wellness journey is different. Let us guide you on yours. At Daily U Remedy, we are a wellness company that delivers CBD to manage your ailments. We want you to see us for more than our brand, but as a team passionate about delivering quality at an affordable price. Outside of our CBD aids, we supply products from balm, supplements, beauty, and food sourced from Thailand. Read More

Daily U Shop

From natural household items to chemical free cleaning, at Daily U Shop, we offer a range of healthy products that work – for you and the planet! We strive to improve the lives of those we touch by keeping you safe. From soap, Thai Pillow, Thai artisan clothing, and beauty products, we source items from Thailand. We believe it’s crucial to know what chemicals you’re bringing into your home. Read More

Daily U Cosmetic

 At Daily U Cosmetic, we strive to make better care possible. We leverage innovative technology to deliver exceptional wellness products. Our solutions span affordable medications in intravenous, injection and oral ingestion. Our cosmetic line only uses organic and active ingredients without the excess chemicals. Each ingredient is designed to solve customer challenges Read More

Daily U Med

 Choosing the right foam material for medical application can make all the difference. Not only do they come with different structure and characteristics, but they vary in firmness and quality. At Daily U Med, we pair you with the foam that fits your needs. Whether it’s for a pillow, mattress, compressive clothing, or any other application, we’ll work with you to determine your specifications. Read More

Daily U Health Care Center

When advanced care is needed long-term, Daily U Health is by your side. Personalized care when and where you need it. We strive to leverage the latest technology to put our employees in the best position to maintain patient care. We have served the communities we operate in with the highest level of compassionate care. Read More